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Ivy Asset Management

Boutique investment company redesign (2017)

From an old style unimaginative website, Tim completely reengineered our online presence to characterise the essence of our business and give both existing and prospective clients a true sense of our physical presence, online. Thanks from the Ivy Team."

- Bruce Main, Ivy Asset Management

The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

The little photo competition that could (2015)

The whole experience of working with Tim was excellent. He is creative, methodical, and easy to work with. We got exactly what we wanted with no fuss, quickly and efficiently. Great job guys!"

- Paul Joynson-Hicks, The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

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Travel (2017)

Why Go? Three syllables: Zan-Zee-Barrr… The name flicks and zings off the tongue like strange, scented fruit. Zanzibar. A universal shared shorthand of all that’s spicy, sensuous, exotic.”

Zanzibar’s beaches eclipse the promise of the glossy postcard. They dwarf the hand-held phone frame of Instagram. They’re viscerally beautiful. The banded colours of the ocean; cerulean blue, topaz, that change and shift through the day like a sea-bound sunset in aqua. It really is that deep blue, that transporting.

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A Rav 4 Rental in East Africa

Travel (2014)

Atheists make better drivers. Though Tanzania is nominally secular, the majority of the populace is evangelical Christian or devout Muslim. Never trust a driver with a firm belief in the afterlife.”

I’ve never liked Toyota Rav4s much. Something of the styling always spoke to me of neon, spandex, and other day-glo transgressions of 80s surfer fashion. Rav4s were to me, salsa and nachos to Land Rover’s meat pie -basketball shoes and hoop earrings to the gumboots and tweed jackets of my Biggles-obsessed Anglophile youth in the Natal Midlands.

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