how we work

It's NOT rocket science...


Who are you? What do you love doing?

We listen. To you, and your customers. How can you attract, inform, and engage them? By understanding you and your customers’ needs, we can apply a pragmatic solution that matches your business goals and what your audience wants. 

Sketching flowcharts, page layouts, and building working prototypes,  we brainstorm and distil a shared mental model.

We’ll build an online, working prototype. A blueprint of all the main sections of your website, and the sample layouts and interactions within them. This allows use to us work in the browser with the navigation, layout, and processes we propose. Prototyping is a great way to find problems and fix them, before we go into content, design and programming. It builds in hindsight, and saves a ton of money, time and stress in the following Content, Design and Programming phases.


  • Flowcharts
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes


What do you want to say? To whom?

Nobody reads text-heavy websites anymore. Polaroid-potent images and Haiku-simple text are crucial to growing a compelling, inspiring dialogue between you and your audience. We’ll help you to collate the content you need into one centralized, shared, understandable inventory. 

With you, we'll present an engaging narrative throughout all your online communications. Concise, eloquent content that delivers clear and content messages to the people who matter, and keeps them coming back. 

  • Content sourcing and collation
  • Copywriting
  • Newsletters


If your company was a car, what would it be?

We work hard at designing websites that are engaging and dynamic, that stand out amid marketplace clutter.  When it’s good, design is compelling, empathetic, and a delight to use. We’ll work closely with you to design a contemporary, visually generous design that fits like a well-tailored suit. 

  • Web Design
  • Logos
  • Print
  • Photography
  • Video


Do you hate computer jargon?

We make plain-English, no hassle tech that just works. Our coding transcends the cliché of cold, lifeless technology. People should feel as nice using it as we can make it.

Here the Planning, Content, and Design insights are consolidated into a nimble, interactive website that looks great on any device, anywhere.

We explain the programming process in plain, jargon-free English. The tradeoffs and constraints involved in each implementation are conveyed to you and jointly evaluated.

  • Websites
  • CMS
  • Databases
  • E-commerce

Social Media

Are you drowning in Facebook?

Think like an octopus. Facebook, instagram, twitter, and all other social media are tentacles, that feed back to the head, the hub of your website. Drawing from insights in planning your website, content and user traffic, we can repurpose and share the same personality and fluency across all social media. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • And all the rest

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you hard to find?

The initial SEO will be hard-coded into your site. This is a good starting point. In 2016 there are no SEO silver bullets, or clever tricks around Google’s new algorithms. Useful, on-going, relevant content is crucial to stay foremost in the search engine results over time. You’ll need to concentrate on keeping your updated content compelling, and just what your customers are looking for. Engaged customers who keep coming back to easy-to use-websites are key to staying front of mind in SEO. Build great content, and they will come.


Are you worried about hackers, viruses, and other vermin?

We keep your information safe, and backed up.

Any complex web based platform can be vulnerable to security intrusions. In fact, almost all software is vulnerable from time to time.

Vendors constantly update their platforms to ensure that as vulnerabilities are uncovered, they are patched immediately. This is an ongoing process common to all software. By using top tier service providers with a proven track record in keeping vulnerabilities closed, we can ensure that security vulnerabilities are not exploited.

By backing up content regularly we can ensure that in the event of vulnerability, the site can be  restored quickly.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Is updating your website a chore?

Making updates should be as easy as possible. We advocate using CMS sparingly, and leaving the heavy lifting to us when whole site sections need changing. Updating your content should be as painless as possible, freeing you to focus on the real-world demands of your business.


What do you want to tackle next?

Your finished website needn't be a monolith, or a full stop in the dialogue with your growing audience. By monitoring web traffic, new client acquisition, and seeing what works and what doesn't, we can keep evolving and improving.


Pay as you go

We usually work on an ad-hoc, pay-as-you-go basis for site maintenance. This saves you time and money by costing out updates as they’re needed and as your budget allows – rather than just offering a static monthly site maintenance plan. This flexibility allows us to adroitly promote your expanding business, and put your money right onto the screen, where it counts most.

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