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Why Go? Three syllables: Zan-Zee-Barrr… The name flicks and zings off the tongue like strange, scented fruit. Zanzibar. A universal shared shorthand of all that’s spicy, sensuous, exotic.

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A Rav 4 Rental in East Africa


Atheists make better drivers. Though Tanzania is nominally secular, the majority of the populace is evangelical Christian or devout Muslim. Never trust a driver with a firm belief in the afterlife.

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Darryl Hebbes: Berlin Knifemaker


Tweaking sequences of electrons into haiku-simple lines of code, and the thoughtful, painstaking millennia-old craft of knife making both take careful planning and intense focus. Grinding raw steel into whisper-sharp blades is “in magnitudes far, far more dangerous, though.”

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Tenacity Works

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A good verbal and visual solution, made with love, makes you and the people around you feel warm, optimistic, and happy– like that feeling you had the first time you heard the Beatles. All you need is love.

We strive for a nimble lightness of touch in all our digital dialogues — from the satisfying click of a mouse, the easy thumb swipe on a smartphone, or the open-handed musing of using a tablet as you lie on the couch.

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Victorian Myth Busters


Hosted by men of Science, Thadeus Pyle and Jebediah Kneebone, Victorian Myth Busters blends the age of the enlightenment, sound biblical principals and the glamour of the photo picture into a rollicking slice of edu-tainment. With a steady supply of wretched whores, drunkards, debtors and urchins to use their cutting-edge scientific contraptions on, Thadeus and Jebedia get to work debunking or confirming the popular myths of the Victorian age.

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Collegiate Crumpet Bagging


OMG! Emily Dickinson is the shizz. Seriously, dudes. Awesome! LOL! Recluse stationery fetishist (Male, 44). Possibly out of his depth with today’s youth. KTHX!

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Stuff my clients say...

Tim has the wonderfully rare talent of being able to create original content that delights the reader. His style is creative and adaptable to suit any channel. I've worked with Tim primarily on online projects and I love how one piece of content can be tweaked and used within any digital platform. Tim writes content that is unique and grabs the reader's attention. It's the kind of content that people enjoy reading and that makes brands stand out because of its uniqueness. If I were to recommend a writer - for any kind of project or campaign - Tim would always be at the top of the list. He's a master wordsmith.”

– Annabel Yeaman. Head of Brand, GSMA.

Whenever a brief calls for copy with soul, Tim is our go-to human. His innate sense of brand means he is able to very quickly absorb and articulate a client's verbiage, transforming even the driest corporate spiel into a warm, conversational engagement.

Tim is one of our secret weapons, capable of making even the driest copy come alive. He is also a thoroughly good egg!”

– James Mentz. Director, Tenacity Works.

Past writing work

Jameson Whiskey - Facebook, Twitter (2012)

Overhauling Jameson's Facebook and Twitter pages into creative, eclectic scrapbooks of cool. Likes, comments, and shares increased by 46%, with no advertising- just word-of-mouth.

Vodafone – Blog (2013)

Freelance writing for Young Africa Live! Nigeria. A monthly column about love, relationships, and life. Tailored for a mobile phone-only audience of over 400 000 subscribers.

News24 – Online magazine (2008 – 2014)

Travel writing on Sub-Saharan African destinations.

Getaway Magazine – Blog (2013)

Travel writing blog.

KIA – Facebook (2010)

Writing and designing KIA Motor’s social media presence.

Websites – Online content for blue chip clients (2007 – present)

Website content for 1time Airlines, Diesel Clothing, Discovery Health, Mercedes Benz, and Virgin Mobile.

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